Quality solution for industries


Rapid advances in technology and the globalization of production processes undergo the manufacturing industry , especially the automobile components to an unprecedented challenge marked by constant change . The increased level of quality standards and requirements of economic and legal characteristics of the supply chain , the growing expectations of customers , the need to preserve its room for competitiveness are the factors that define a business system efficiently and effectively : and this is the area where ASSITEC 2000 offers a winning solution and widely tested . We can offer solutions with a wide range of services for the industry

Firewall Selection CSL

Product verification and requalification services by intervening both at the OEM's premises and scaling-up the supply chain. This service is provided by a highly qualified team autonomously developing operational instructions and reporting the results throughout daily reports, visual checks, use of simple (gauge, micrometer, ...) and complex metrological instruments (custom templates, special gauges, endoscopes, ultrasonic probes, anthropomorphic arm CAM-FARO ...). Controls are carried out at the Supplier's premises as in the case of Quality Wall CSL, or at the OEM Customer Plant for containment of non-conformities generated or incoming inspection. Clients in Automotive are generally OEM Suppliers as for Industry business model envisaging that, in case of CSL2 and CSL3 non-conformity, Tier-1 has to engage and pay a third party (as Assitec) verifying defects and establishing responsibilities (OEM, carrier, Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-n).

Resident Engineering

Tailored service offered through highly qualified professionals able to provide technical-qualitative support for preventive purposes. The Resident Engineer acts on behalf of the Supplier at OEM (Customer) premises, serves as technical interface for 1-level issues/tickets, delivers reports. This allows to solve the most common problems already in the plant and therefore to create a more serene and constructive relationship avoiding CSL procedures (suspending supplier certification for the OEM). Personnel is highly specialized in processes across mechanical, bodywork, painting and electronic engineering (E-Team).

Quality inspector

Auditors verify the process of ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance activities on rolling stock operating fleet of the carrier (i.e. Italo); whether it is carried out using:The customer's procedures and standards Training and certification of maintenance personnel Equipment status, etc. The Auditors operate in compliance with the Customer's procedures and according to ANSF regulations, for which Assitec holds the ISAR-SRF certifications

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive tests (magnetoscopic, ultrasound, penetrating liquids, etc...) through which to assess defects or structural characteristics of materials without altering their physical state or geometry Activities are carried out throughout highly qualified technical personnel, in accordance with national and international reference standards.

Technical Rework

In the event that non-conformities are detected on the product, our staff is able to promptly implement rework actions agreed with the Customer’s QM department if the non-compliant parts have been assembled on subassemblies or vehicles, Assitec carries out targeted interventions such as flying doctor and recall campaigns for any type of component (mechanical, bodywork, electronics) on Italian and European storage yards, warehouses and depots with specialized personnel.


Advanced logistic service with web access from the Client. Sequencing process handling, delivery notes, picking. Assitec is able to provide a service of assigned – in delivery vehicles certification thanks to the internal long term experience in the Plants and compounds of assigned vehicles. Assitec has its own warehouses in FCA Cassino and FMA Avellino areas. Possibility of warehouses organization in the Italian territory on the Client request.