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Rapid advances in technology and the globalization of production processes undergo the manufacturing industry , especially the automobile components to an unprecedented challenge marked by constant change . The increased level of quality standards and requirements of economic and legal characteristics of the supply chain , the growing expectations of customers , the need to preserve its room for competitiveness are the factors that define a business system efficiently and effectively : and this is the area where ASSITEC 2000 offers a winning solution and widely tested . We can offer solutions with a wide range of services for the automotive industry

Assitec 2000 introduction

Resident Engineer

The permanent presence of our staff at the service of our customers' needs, a continuous interface and a support to meet requests of the final customer.

We have been present since 2001 in the largest automotive factories in Italy and have won the confidence necessary to act in the interests of our client. The control of the supplies, the certainty of our check on the delivered details, sending of logistic / operational reports.

Logistic and warehouse services

A delicate phase for each automotive supplier is the respect of delivery times, the flows then undergo significant changes or blockages in the case of qualitative drifts, thus suffering a backlash also from the point of view of management and transport costs for the factory. We offer solutions to prevent non-delivery, manage flows, optimize costs. Advanced logistics allows us to carry out checks on parts at risk of problems. Ask us about the availability of advanced warehouses near your customer

Electronic Engineering

On-board diagnostics activities through tools such as CANalyzer and DYAnalyzer on the main automotive communication buses such as CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, MOST and many others. Verification, updating and reprogramming of firmware and support activities in reverse engineering with applications in:

  • Telematics & Infotainment
  • Powertrain & Hybrids
  • Safety & Security Electronics
  • Body & Chassis Electronics

Provider di servizi Csl2/Csl1

Presenza sul territorio

Il quartier generale Assitec è in Italia, ma abbiamo i nostri uffici anche Polonia con una struttura tecnica che può soddisfare ogni esigenza del Cliente.

La nostra rete

Controlli non distruttivi

Assitec 2000 si pone come supporto tecnico qualificato per le aziende nell'ambito dei Controlli Non Distruttivi.

Cosa sono i controlli non distruttivi?


Il controllo qualità del cliente ha evidenziato un problema sulla fornitura? Possiamo intervenire in real time sulla problematica, magari con una rilavorazione che segua le vostre istruzioni per evitare il rientro dei particolari come scartato. Abbiamo personale esperto che può eseguire qualunque tipo di rilavorazione sui vostri particolari ed abbattere così costi di scarto e trasporto per il rientro dei pezzi rifiutati dal cliente.

I nostri clienti principali