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Rapid advances in technology and the globalization of production processes undergo the manufacturing industry, especially the automobile components to an unprecedented challenge marked by constant change. The increased level of quality standards and requirements of economic and legal characteristics of the supply chain, the growing expectations of customers, the need to preserve its room for competitiveness are the factors that define a business system efficiently and effectively: and this is the area where ASSITEC 2000 offers a winning solution and widely tested. We can offer solutions with a wide range of services for the automotive industry.

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Resident Engineer

The permanent presence of our staff to serve the needs of our customers , a continuous interface and support to meet the demands end customer

We are present since 2001 in the largest automotive plants in Italy and we have gained the confidence to act in the interests of our client. The control of supplies, the certainty of our check on the details delivered, sending reports logistics / operational.

Logistic services

Each supplier of the automotive must stricted respect delivery times, the flows then undergo major changes or blocks in case of drifts of qualitative nature, thus undergoing a backlash also from the point of view of the management costs and transport for the plant. We offer solutions to prevent failure to deliver, manage flows, optimize costi.La advanced logistics it allows to carry out checks on the parts at risk problematic.

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Provider csl1/csl2/csl3

assitec 2000 is a certified provider for controlled shipping level 1,2,3